logoV2_white340With the majority of Kenya’s very spectacular wildlife living outside National Parks on private and community land, a strong connection between local communities and their surrounding environment is paramount to the future of wildlife conservation and habitat protection.

Building on this principle, the Land & Life Foundation is committed to ensuring that local communities receive revenue and tangible benefits from tourism. Over the years since its inception in 2011 (initially as the C&P Community Trust), the Land & Life Foundation has achieved a great deal in ensuring that communities living in the vicinity of wildlife areas genuinely benefit from tourism. Scroll down to read our History of Achievements.

The Land & Life Foundation  is supported by the Elewana Collection and Cheli & Peacock Safaris, as well as our sister conservation organisation in Thailand, the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, and Minor International.

As all our operational costs are covered, 100% of every donation received goes directly to our supported schools and communities.

No administration fees – no valuable donations spent on office costs. Every penny goes straight to the ground, where it is needed most.

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A sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together across conservation areas, safeguarding nature for the next generation


We strongly believe that the sustainability of East Africa’s wildlife and habitats depends on four key actions: securing land for conservation, protecting species and their environment, providing tangible benefits to the people who live alongside wildlife, and educating the next generation of conservationists.


To support and design effective

  • conservation education programs,
  • community outreach and
  • conservation initiatives

for communities living alongside wildlife, across Kenya and Tanzania.


  • 2017

    • Constructed 2 new classrooms at Esiteti Primary School – Tortilis Camp
    • Constructed a new girls toilet block at Kachiuru Primary- near Elsa’s Kopje
    • Constructed the first ever new toilet block ever at Embiti Primary – Sand River Mara
    • Provided first-ever textbooks for Ganako Primary for every subject Years 4-7 – The Manor
    • Donated 40 Desks to Esiteti Primary – Tortilis Camp
    • 36  Wildlife Warrior Scholarships awarded to date
    • 268  children participated in Wildlife Warrior Clubs conservation education activities in 2017
    • Held the 3rd annual Wildlife Warrior Retreat held in November
    • 1200 patients treated at our 6th  Annual Aitong Medical Camp
    •   48 turtle nests successfully hatched in Diani – Afrochic
  • 2016

    • 5th Aitong Medical Camp, 885 patients treated – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • Added Embiti Primary School into the Wildlife Warrior Program  – Sand River Mara
    • 10 more scholars added to the Wildlife Warrior Scholarship Program
    • 2nd successful Annual Scholars’ Retreat at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
    • $ 4,900 donated towards Honey Guide Foundation’s Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation – Tarangire Treetops
    • 200 bed sheets, 100 pillow cases and 100 towels to Plaster House Arusha – Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • 2015

    • 4th Aitong Medical Training Camp 12 clinicians trained Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics  from six different clinics tending to a population of 40,000 across the region – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • 50 desks for Ololomei Primary School – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • $8,000 donated to Esiteti Primary School dining hall project – Tortilis Camp
    • $2,500 towards our 1st Scholars’ retreat at Lewa, 10 scholars and 5 guardians attended
    • $1,470 for the Bee Project for the community living around Kitich Camp
    • $680 for teachers’ incentives in all supported schools
    • $2,100 towards the Lewa Education Program
  • 2014

    • Included 1,600 pupils during the launch of our Wildlife Warrior Program – all schools
    • 544 patients treated/ provided with free medical care during our 3rd Aitong Medical – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • $260 worth of medical supplies to Aitong Medical Centre – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • $430 for book shelves at Ololomei Primary School – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • Over $24,000 towards Kitchen project at Ura Gate Primary School – Elsa’s Kopje
    • $15,500 that will cover two years of primary and four years of secondary schooling for 10 Scholars on 75% scholarships enrolled during the launch of Scholarship Program
    • Over $3,800 for 400 pairs of school shoes and socks for Ololomei Primary School – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • Over 170 footballs distributed to all schools in partnership with Alive & Kicking
    • Facilitated in paying over $18,400 in school fees donated by Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK) for pupils across Amboseli
  • 2013

    • Paint Project Esiteti Primary School, worth $4,700 – Tortilis Camp
    • 441 patients treated/ provided with free medical care during our 2nd Aitong Medical – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • Teacher’s Block Esiteti Primary School – Tortilis Camp
    • Over $12,000 towards Kitchen Project at Ura Gate – Elsa’s Kopje
    • Over 400 footballs distributed to all schools in partnership with Alive & Kicking.
    • Facilitated in paying over $14,000 in school fees donated by Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK) for pupils across Amboseli
    • Complete football kits to four of our supported schools
  • 2012

    • Over 300 patients provided with free medical health care during our 1st Aitong Medical Clinic – Elephant Pepper Camp
    • Over $4,600 School refurbishment at Esiteti Primary School – Tortilis Camp
    • Over $6,000 worth of School Supplies – All Camps
  • 2011

    • Over $4,500 for refurbishment at Ura Gate School – Elsa’s Kopje
    • Over $11,400 for Chaffa Gate Rangers’ post Shaba  – Joy’s Camp (now closed)
    • Over $ 10,000 for Rainwater harvesting in Engilae Primary School  – Kitich Camp
    • Over $12,000 for Esiteti Primary School Construction – Tortilis Camp

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