Donating :

How can I make my donation?

You can make your donation via our secure online platform found on our website.  You can access it by clicking here.  Or if you wish to make a bank transfer please find our bank account details on that page.  Alternatively, if you are visiting any Elewana camp or lodge in Kenya and Tanzania, speak to the Property Manager.  For every donation you will make – monetary or in-kind you will be issued with a Land & Life Foundation donation receipt.

How can I get a tax exempt certificate?

If you live in the United States, we have partnered with African Conservation Centre (ACC- US) which is 501 (c) 3 certified that offers tax deductions. You can send a cheque made out to ACC-US, 637-B South Broadway #122, Boulder, CO 80305.  Please include a short note that you want the funds to go to Land & Life Foundation.  Alternatively, you can make a donation with a credit card through their website page:  

Is there a minimum donation?

No, any amount can make a difference.

Do you charge an administrative fee for donations?

No, 100% of your donation will go towards your desired project as all our administrative costs are already covered.

What can I bring?

For our schools:  education and school supplies such as solar lanterns, stationery, story books, soccer balls and kits, first aid and hygiene products such as sanitary pads, toothbrush and toothpaste are always needed.  For our medical support program items like first aid kits, stethoscopes, bandages, portable blood pressure machines, ENT torches for our supported health facility at the Masai Mara.  Children’s underwear and socks, balls of any size, or Duplo (big lego) block for our children at Plaster House in Arusha.  For more information, visit the  individual school pages  and medical support page

Are there luggage restrictions?

Yes. luggage restriction imposed by our internal flights is strictly 15 kg per passenger.  In case you exceed this limit you may have to leave your donation items with us here in Nairobi and we will make arrangements to send them to the schools or your desired project at a later date.

Will I get updates on my donation?

Yes.  For every donation made we will send you a ‘thank you’ letter.  For physical goods, the letter will be accompanied by a few photos of the community receiving your donation.  We will also send you periodical newsletters and photos. You can also join our mailing list by clicking here

How will I know that my donation has been received by my intended beneficiaries?

For every donation was given to your supported project, the head teacher or personnel in charge is required to sign and stamp a letter acknowledging receipt.  We’ll be happy to share it with you.

Who can I contact for information about my giving?

You can get in touch with us on [email protected]

Is there an option of making monthly/yearly donations?

We have no restrictions whatsoever, you can make your donation whichever way is comfortable for you.  You can write to us to inform us of your donation remittance plan.

How can I help raise money for your projects?

Please visit this page to get some ideas on how you can become our Land & Life ambassador.

How are Land & Life’s projects funded?

Our projects rely 100% on donations from our friends and supporters.


Do you offer internship opportunities?

Yes, when the need arises we will advertise for the vacancy on our social media platforms and website.


I am interested in partnering with Land & Life Foundation.  How do I go about it?

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us on [email protected]


How do I subscribe to Land & Life’s newsletter?

Visit our homepage and scroll down to the bottom right section and fill in your details.

I don’t see my question here, who can I contact for help?

You can get in touch with us on [email protected]


Where are the Land & Life offices located?

Head Office Kenya – Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya, Lengai House, Mezzanine floor.

Head Office Tanzania – Arusha, 99 Serengeti Rd, Sopa Plaza.