Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation

Tarangire Treetops has been a key partner in the establishment of a Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Program in the Randilen Wildlife Management Area of Tanzania.

Randilen covers 315km² of the north-eastern arc around Tarangire National Park. Elephants frequently leave Randilen and Tarangire National Park to raid crops grown in the villages north of Randilen. This risks not only the livelihoods of local farmers, but also the lives of the elephants themselves, as people often target them with spears to protect their crops. This often creates a negative attitude towards wildlife and conservation among the villagers hence the necessity for a Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Program.

We support our local partner, Honey Guide Foundation, to run the Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Program. The program focuses on reducing human-elephant conflict through methods of crop protection for local landowners. We are helping to provide a toolkit for farmers that deters elephants from raiding. This toolkit helps to scare off an elephant before it raids crops, preventing dangerous conflict between humans and elephants.

Be part of this great initiative!

You can help protect elephants today by buying a Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Toolkit.

Each toolkit includes five key interventions to protect crops and reduce conflict:

  • LED High-Powered torch –  Visual Irritant
  • Fire horns – Auditory Irritant
  • Chili bomb (packets of chilli powder that burst on impact) – mild physical irritant (when chilli powder goes up the elephant’s trunk)
  • “Roman Candle” fireworks – auditory & visual irritant

The Land & Life Foundation together with Tarangire Treetops are proud supporters of the Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Program.