Land & Life is proud to announce that the Wildlife Warrior program graduated the Second lot of scholars from secondary school education in 2019. Our commitment to raising the next generation of conservationists still holds. while all scholars may not undertake conservation-related careers, we have provided options to ensure we support our scholars to achieve the best they can.

In 2019, we awarded a four-year scholarship to Duncan who is taking a tourism-related course. alongside this, we have partnered with Elewana Collections to offer internship opportunities to two of our alumnus have since commenced their training. It is our joy to see the youngsters succeed in life as this is the height of our satisfaction.

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Our Alumni

When you meet Lina Leariong for the first time, you can mistakenly conclude that she is shy and timid.  However, underneath this disposition is a confident, intelligent and articulate young lady. Lina was enrolled in the WWP scholarship program in 2015.  In 2018 she completed her 4-year secondary education at St. Theresa’s Secondary School in a small town called Wamba and scored an impressive grade of B! All through her secondary schooling, Lina had been a model student; she has shown growth and maturity in her studies and student life.  Her grades throughout the four years were very good. Lina has joined Multi Media University to study Bachelor of Commerce.  We wish her all the very best!

The ever jovial and smiley Dancan Muriithi completed his secondary education in 2018. He scored a mean grade of C plain and is enrolled to Co-perative University of Kenya undertaking a course in Tours and Travels Management.  Dancan has a way of lighting up any dull situation by effortlessly cracking jokes. His wish is to be a ranger preferably with the Meru National Park which is adjacent to where his family resides.  Dancan has a lot of potential to excel in whatever he strives to achieve. And to help him realise his dreams, Land & Life Foundation has awarded him with the Daniel Mukenye Scholarship award in honour of Daniel.

Doreen Makena has a confident, cool, calm and collected personality.  She joined our WWP scholarship program in 2015 and has completed her 4-year secondary education at Ikuu Girls High School located in a small rural town called Chuka. She scored a mean grade of D+  Doreen has a lot of potential and her ultimate wish is to work in the conservation sector. Land & Life Foundation has liaised with Elewana to accord her an internship at Elsa’s Kopje as a trainee in 2019.

Joel Lepuyapui has a laid back disposition but with a very keen eye to detail.  He has completed his secondary schooling at Wamba Secondary School where he scored an overall grade of D+.  Just like Lina he is an alumna of Engilae Primary School located in the Mathews Mountain. Joel wishes to work as a tour guide or a conservationist.  He has a passion for nature and wildlife. To support Joel, Land & Life Foundation through Elewana has provided him with an opportunity to intern at Elsa’s Kopje as a trainee in 2019.

The Alumnus and Alumnae