Constantine inspecting the new shamba (garden)

Our relationship with Birgit and Constantine officially began in 2015 when they established support for our just launched Wildlife Warrior Scholarship Program at Esiteti Primary School.  One thing we know for certain about ‘B&C’ as we affectionately call them is that they are great advocates of education for positive social change.  They strongly believe in quality education as a means of eradicating poverty and have walked the talk.  They have championed this cause by ensuring as many children as possible in this part of Amboseli get access to quality, life-changing education.  Between the end of November and mid-December 2020 they gave a very generous gift of $110,000!  These funds will be used to pay school fees for 600 primary school students, salaries for 12 Esiteti Primary teachers, handyman, and cook, tuition for secondary and tertiary students, address the community’s priority needs, to mention a few.

Constantine entering their manyatta

Additionally, is because of them that we have over the years awarded 12 Wildlife Warrior secondary school scholarships, 58 annual bursaries, constructed 4 classrooms equipped with desks, a large modern school library well stocked with books, art supplies, furniture, and computers, a modern school kitchen well equipped with fuel-efficient stoves, erected a school shamba (garden), installed rain-water harvesting systems, renovated exis

Birgit chatting with Carol and Steve of Land & Life inside the new library

ting infrastructure and much more in Esiteti.  The community has also received huge support from them.  They received cows, household supplies – mosquito nets, food etc (before and during COVID) and so much more! They have embraced them to the extent of building a manyatta (house) for them in the village.

Thank you very much B&C, A.E. Reimann Foundation, and SKÅL International Monaco for your unwavering support for our community in Amboseli.  You are the quintessential changemakers!




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