5th Aitong Medical Camp

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Right now, there are thousands of people in some of the remotest areas of Kenya who are in desperate need of medical care and attention that they simply cannot get access to.

From newborn babies and children to pregnant women and seniors, rural communities in the Maasai Mara are at real risk of sickness, disease and even death because of the lack of basic medicine.

But you can help. The Aitong Medical Camp, supported by the Land & Life Foundation, the Kicheche Community Trust and Safarilink Aviation provides essential medical supplies and highly trained medical personnel where they’re needed most. Without these free camps, sick, injured and vulnerable people couldn’t afford to  receive this level of professional care and access to medicine they so desperately need.

Over the last 5 years, the annual camps have helped over a thousand people, saving lives and providing healthier futures. But there’s so much more we need to do.

The camps can only run because of vital donations from people like you. Your donation will help pay for the medical supplies, camp licences and community mobilisation. Without your kind gift, we simply couldn’t run the camps and we urgently need to raise $3,000 by November to make sure this year’s camp will go ahead.

As little as:

  • $10 will buy two boxes of examination gloves
  • $30 will buy 100 vials of injections
  • $50 will buy one set of Obs/Gynae medical kit
  • $100 will cover the application fee for the medical camp licence
  • $150 will buy 100 bottles of cough medication
  • $200 will buy enough syringes and needles to be used during the Medical Camp and stock the Aitong Health Centre

Donate now and help make this year’s camp reach as many people as possible.