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The theme for this year’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is “it’s your story – don’t lose it”. We’ve found the perfect way to promote the day as part of our Wildlife Warrior Program.

In partnership with local schools, the Wildlife Warrior Program gives community leaders of tomorrow, the skills and experience to work in harmony with the environment and wildlife, protecting them for generations to come. By educating students today, we hope to build a bright and sustainable future.

We have recently introduced the use of conservation videos in our program. This has given us the opportunity to teach conservation themes in a more practical and exciting way to the students. And the more we can engage the students, the more they are likely to excel at their studies.

In the recent past, we have shown conservation videos to children from some of our supported schools. This has been received with great joy by both the children and the teachers – some of whom have had the chance to see motion pictures for the first time in their lives.

The videos have had a really positive effect on the children, bringing the subjects even more to life as it broadens their understanding of nature and wildlife conservation. The films can add a new depth to the studies, showing how conservation works at both local and international levels.

After the great success we’ve had so far, we’ll continue to show the films to all our supported schools and hope to continue the fantastic impact they’ve had.

Today we would like to share the insights of the Wildlife Warrior Scholarship Program. Every year we select the top performing Wildlife Warriors from each of our supported schools to join the scholarship program.

This year, we have already started the process of selecting the scholars for the year 2016/2017. We have distributed 90 scholarship application forms to all the schools from which we have selected 51 Wildlife Warriors to sit the scholarship exam.

The scholarship exam is conservation-based and will be administered in all the participating schools by the L&L team with the help of the respective camp managers and camp guides. We, the L&L team in Nairobi, will then embark on marking and grading the exams.

The last step will be to select the top 10 scholars (2 from each school) to join the Wildlife Warrior Scholarship Program. This will be done based on their performance in the scholarship exam and their end of year exams.

The whole Scholarship Selection Process is designed to avoid any politics and we always ensure that the scholarships are awarded to the most deserving pupils from each school.

The new scholars who will be selected at the end of this year will bring the number of the scholarship beneficiaries to 29. Our commitment is to pay 75% of their school fees up until they complete secondary school education.

We will let you know once the selection process is complete but before then, if you would like to know more about our current scholars click here.

Tag Archive for: Ura Gate Primary School