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Ganako Primary School in Karatu, Tanzania has once again received a generous book donation. This donation came from  from Ken Kurzweil and Suzanne Sunday who visited The Manor Ngorongoro earlier in the year. Thanks to their generosity, Land & Life was able to purchase 260 text books and 10 teacher’s books for the school.

The books were delivered to Mr Lembris the Headteacher on Monday October 2nd, and handed out to students to have a look at. Everyone was delighted, and sent great appreciation to the donors.

Ganako, which had absolutely no books at all when we first visited in March, now has 10 or 20 copies of each subject for every year, from Standard 4 through to 7, and once the Ministry of Education completes the new syllabus and publishes the new books, we hope to complete the set and get books for the other years as well.

The school committee have asked for our help in building a kitchen. The existing structure is built of wooden planks and poles, and is extremely basic.

From this they try to feed nearly 500 people and it is both awkward, unhygienic, and costly in terms of use of firewood. On our recent visit, Mr Lembris took us to see a nearby school which has a clean brick built kitchen housing a huge fuel-efficient stove capable of catering for 600 students. We are in the process of obtaining quotes, and will be moving forward with the construction shortly. Once again the funds for this have come from Ken and Suzanne, and we are so excited to be helping the school with this exciting infrastructural development.

We are delighted to announce that our sister foundation, Shanga, has been awarded an award for “Outstanding Sustainability” at the 2016 Minor Awards of Excellence ceremony. Being placed 2nd from 32 submissions, Shanga was recognised for its outstanding contribution to the community and positive impacts on business, society and the environment.

Shanga, the Swahili word for bead, is one of Arusha’s hidden gems. It was started in 2007 as a small one person project and has grown into a large and effective organisation today, employing nearly 60 people, over half of whom are disabled. Shanga works to empower people living with disabilities through training and employment, giving them the chance to support their families and develop a successful career.

Shanga is now supported by Land & Life and Elewana as part of our commitment to the people of Tanzania. Shanga is located at Arusha Coffee Lodge where the workshop houses a range of disabled employees and showcases activities including glass-blowing, weaving, sewing, tinga tinga painting, bead-making and metal work, as well as a shop showcasing handmade Shanga products.

We are exceptionally proud of Shanga and all its employees and would like to congratulate everyone once again on doing such a great job. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Over $20,000 for Plaster House!On Friday 24th March Land & Life Foundation co-hosted a Fundraising Gala at Arusha Coffee Lodge. With beer generously provided by Tanzania Breweries Limited and wine kindly provided by Upper Zonal Trading, there were plenty of drinks for everyone, and the lodge provided a fine spread of snacks for all guests. Prizes for the silent auction were donated from a wide range of generous sponsors including Coastal Aviation, Serengeti Balloon Safaris, Elewana Collection, Sopa Lodges, Salt Restaurant Dar es Salaam, Nomad Tanzania, Amani Forest Camp, and many more.

The event was a huge success and we raised over $20,000! This amount is being donated directly and in full to the Plaster House Arusha, a rehabilitation home for children recovering from life changing orthopaedic, plastic or neuro surgery. Plaster House will be using the funds raised at this event to purchase a Toyota Hiace van, and this will be used to transport  the sick children and their carers to and from the hospital for surgery and appointments.  Everyone is thrilled, and the staff and patients and Paster House would like to thank everyone who attended the event and contributed to the successful evening.

What would it take to drive away a 10-ton animal that is attacking a farmer’s hard earned harvest?  Well, Honeyguide Foundation – an organisation whose core mission is community-based conservation under the stewardship of Damian Bell have found an innovative and safe way of redirecting elephants off farmland especially during the busy harvesting seasons hence protecting the animals from deadly encounters with farmers.  This innovation comes in the form of a toolkit.

The kit comprises of an LED High Powered torch that acts as a visual irritant to the animals, fire horns that provide an auditory irritant, chili bomb comprising packets of chilli powder that burst on impact to provide mild physical irritant and roman candle fireworks that are auditory and visual irritants. The kits are provided to the village community human wildlife conflict teams and these teams are responsible for using the equipment on a day to day basis.

With a focus on northern Tanzania, Honeyguide operates in Community Wildlife Management Areas one of which is Randilen Wildlife Management Area (RWMA) located near Tarangire Treetops.

We – the Land & Life Foundation recently gave a donation of $4,900 to the Honeyguide Foundation. Our donation will go towards funding this Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation program at RWMA. You too can get involved in this noble conservation work.

If you want to know more about this or any other initiative undertaken by Land & Life Foundation, please feel free to contact our team

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