Dear Colleagues,

As August nears, so does our annual Wildlife Warrior Scholars Retreat. Once again, we are holding the Retreat at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, where we have an exciting few days planned for our young conservationists.

This very special three-day event will bring together our 19 Wildlife Warrior Scholars, giving them the opportunity to discuss key conservation issues while interacting with conservation experts. With a packed itinerary including game drives, conservation education classes, debates and drama sessions, this year’s retreat promises to inspire the next generation of conservationists. All the scholars will be accompanied by their guardians, and Land & Life facilitates all transport, accommodation, meals and training.

It costs $100 to host each scholar at the Retreat, making the total cost $1,900.

The Retreat is a genuinely life-changing experience for our young scholars, but we can’t do it alone. With your help, we can ensure that every young Wildlife Warrior Scholar has a truly unforgettable experience.

Please spread the word through your networks. It costs just $100 to sponsor one scholar to attend this fantastic three-day event.

We will soon be accepting donations through our website. This will make it easy for our donors to give conveniently and securely from any part of the world. We will let you know when this is live, so you can spread the word.

To find out how to donate until then, please visit our Ways to Give webpage.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We’ll be in touch again soon with a property materials update.

All the best,

The Land & Life Foundation Team