Let’s stand by Fredy

Meet Fredy

Meet Fredy, he’s one of our Wildlife Warriors and a star pupil who just completed his first year at secondary school. He’s very smart, ranking top of his class, enjoys all his lessons (his favourite subjects are Biology and Physics) and like many boys his age, loves football and athletics. More than anything, Freddy loves attending school.

Fredy lives with his extended family near Kitich Camp in the Mathews Mountain Range – an area of outstanding natural beauty and a place that means so much to him. He’s determined to help protect his home and areas like it, by becoming a Manager of Conservation at Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy.

Just one year ago, Fredy’s future was uncertain. He is an orphan and currently lives with his ageing grandmother who can’t afford to pay for his education. However, thanks to the unwavering support of our friends and supporters at Land & Life Foundation, he is now attending and excelling in school, and his future looks brighter than ever. You can be part of that future too.

$200 will cover Fredy’s tuition for one school term in his fourth and final year. Please stand by Fredy and donate now to help him finish school.

With eight new scholars enrolling as Wildlife Warriors, we need your help:

  • $200 will pay for one child’s tuition for one school term of their secondary schooling
  • $600 will pay for one child’s tuition for one year of secondary school
  • $2,200 will pay for one child’s tuition for the entire four years of secondary school

All your support & generosity goes a long way in investing in the future of our scholars and communities. Please join us today to give promising youngsters like Fredy a brighter tomorrow.