As a Bachelors graduate in Medical Laboratory Science, the last thing on one’s mind would be to veer off and pursue totally different things in life

This statement is only true if passion is not in the equation! 

This month we feature Felix Kimathi, known to his friends as Kim, a 25 year old Kenyan whose passion for photography took him away from the medical labs.

While he spent the better part of his childhood in Nairobi, Kim is widely travelled and has an eagle’s eye for scenery. His spirit of adventure allows him to set himself up as a nature photographer but his passion for communities also encourages his interest in portraiture.

Kim is giving up his time to spend a few weeks with the Land & Life Foundation as a volunteer photographer creating interesting memories of our work in communities.

Stay tuned for his images when he returns from the field, as right now he is in the Mara with Land & Life team visiting Embiti and Ololomei Schools and capturing images of the WIldlife Warrior CLubs at work.

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