Mwaroni Primary teaching faculty receiving computers from Elewana Afrochic team

About a year ago, the Land & Life Foundation established strategic partnerships with the Lewa Education Programme that saw all our supported schools trained on the use of the Government issue tablets as a learning tool in the classroom. The aim is to raise a generation of computer literate conservationists to keep up with and ahead of the current trends in technology.

To help achieve this goal, Land & Life Foundation received a generous donation of 15 complete desktop computers from our steadfast supporter the Elewana Collection. The desktop computers are all in good working condition. We are currently distributing 3 desktops per school, for the faculty to use for printing, accessing teaching resources online, and supporting the use of the tablets in the classrooms as a teaching aid.

The schools to benefit include Mwaroni Primary School, Ololomei Primary School, Embiti Primary School, Esiteti Primary School, Ura Gate Primary School and Kachiuru Primary School. Mwaroni, Ololomei and Embiti have already received their computers, and the next three will be gifted in early March.

You too can be part of this movement. Help us bring East African rural areas into the digital age and make a donation today!