After reading hundreds of essays, and narrowing them down to the best 10, the Land & Life Head Office team were really torn as to who to pick as the overall winner of the termly competition on Water Conservation.  

The first few paragraphs of Peter Otieno’s winning essay


Competition was stiff; but two essays stood out – one written by an individual pupil from Mwaroni Primary and the other by a group.  Peter Oscar Otieno, a Grade 8 pupil from Mwaroni Primary, impressed us with his excellent command of English, clarity of thought and background knowledge.  The runner up group was equally good, also showing a solid grasp of the concepts and good use of language and argument.


During our last WWP event at the school in May,  Peter received a scientific calculator, a geometrical set, a backpack, a UN Certificate and a trophy to take home and display proudly. The group did not go home empty handed – they each received art supplies, individual certificates to acknowledge their individual effort and a trophy.  


The biggest surprise came when Joab Andayi, the General Manager at Elewana AfroChic Diani, announced that the winners would be invited for lunch and a swim at Afrochic!  True to his word, on the afternoon of Saturday 7th July 11 youngsters accompanied by 4 teachers were treated to a sumptuous meal and ice cream at Afrochic. To cap it all, they enjoyed a dip in the pool!

We take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Joab for graciously arranging this memorable trip that the youngsters will remember for years to come, and we look forward to more fun and exciting activities between Afrochic and Mwaroni Primary School.