Esiteti Primary

After stops and starts and delays, finally we are excited to announce that the 80 bed boys dormitory at Esiteti Primary is complete! Built over the last few months with funding provided by the de Vink Foundation, this dormitory brings the capacity of the school up further, allowing more boys to attend who previously were unable to reach the school on a daily basis. The increased revenue from more students will it is hoped go some way towards supporting the school’s development, allowing it to pay the teachers better salaries and employ more staff, as well as supply more much needed resources for the students.

Bunk beds are being built to order and will be delivered shortly, meaning the dorm will be open and ready to receive students at the start of this upcoming term. We are still gathering funds for the beds – one double decker bunk bed costs $100 so if you would like to contribute please do click here and make the donation to ensure two children have a bed in their new dorm!

Ololomei Primary

We are very excited to announce the groundbreaking and start of construction for the long-awaited kitchen at Ololomei Primary near Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp.  After months of fundraising by the Elewana team, the threshold was finally reached to allow Land & Life to engage a contractor and begin the work. The engineer overseeing the project has provided detailed drawings and we expect the kitchen to be completed within a couple of months – although the rainy season is now upon us so we do expect some inevitable delays!

We are still fundraising for this project – we have reached just under $10,000 but we still have approx $4000 remaining to meet the target and allow us to complete the building, paint it and equip is adequately. This kitchen will be a huge step forward for the school, allowing them to store food supplies safely away from rain and rodents and mean all students and staff will be fed daily.

If you’d like to make a contribution to help Land & Life finish this great project, please do click HERE and make a donation. Any few dollars buys a few more bricks or pots of paint, so please do help us out!

Embiti Primary

Embiti Primary School near Elewana Sand River Mara has been the subject of an exciting and intense fundraising campaign by former safari guests the Scopa family. With great delight, it is now time to start building – the new classroom is finally underway!

Embiti Primary is a small and relatively new school and to date has only been able to educate the first couple of years of primary due to inadequate capacity. With this new project underway, it means the school will be able to house students up through form four and possibly beyond, bringing education to more students and more income for the school. This will lead to further developments and give the community the lift it has been waiting for.

Watch this space as the classroom comes on and we will report back on developments on the ground. If you want to visit yourself, stop by Elewana Sand River Mara and ask the staff there who will happily arrange a trip to the school to meet the students and watch the progress in person.