After the generous donation of laptops to several schools by Elewana last month, we came across a problem at Mwaroni Primary in Diani. The faculty there told us that while they were grateful for the gift they were not sure the computers would be used, as most of them were not confident with computers and had had little or no experience working with computers. They asked whether there was anyway we could help out.

Land & Life recently received a generous donation from supporters Safari Professionals.  Safari Pros already proved themselves to be a supporter of Land & Life and the conservation education community in Kenya last year with a donation towards Mwaroni Primary, which provided a photocopier for the school and covered Wildlife Warrior school fees. Now their latest donation has been allocated towards further development of the facilities – digital training for the whole teaching staff!  Elewana Afrochic assisted Land & Life in finding a qualified experienced local computing firm, and a trainer was engaged to work with the Mwaroni staff throughout the Easter break, training them on all aspects of computer usage – word processing, spreadsheets, and much more.

The training was completed in time for the start of this term and all the teachers expressed themselves as happy with the time spent learning. They each stated they would now feel confident in using the computers and integrating technology in lesson prep and classroom activities. We continue to follow up on progress at Mwaroni but so far, we are happy to see PCs in the teachers room and tablets in the classroom :)