This month has been a busy month for school donations, both in kind from generous donors and in funds which have been used to buy specific items for the schools.

Embiti Primary Wildlife Warriors were delighted to receive a solar light each to take home for their families. This donation came in a few months ago from Mary Jean Tully, who will be happy to hear that these young children each now have a way to do their homework in the evenings, not to mention helping the family get on with their daily lives. Embiti also benefitted from a number of donations from Sand River Mara guests including text books, stationery and crayons.


Esiteti Primary received 90 three seater locker desks courtesy of SKAL Monaco as part of the much wider projecty involving classroom construction and repair of the school.  Esiteti also received a good amount of stationery from other Tortilis guests, and are excited about the progress being made on their school farm.


Ura Gate Primary was over the moon to receive a large photocopier-printer as part of ongoing school development. This printer is more than a simple administrative tool – it will allow them to print off examinations thus generating income by becoming a regional examination centre.



Ololomei Primary has been having repairs and maintenance done on the semi permanent classrooms while the staff at Elephant Pepper Camp work hard to raise funds for a new permanent classroom. In the meantime they have received donations of clothes and books as well as, most recently, some new shoes!