Across Kenya the new year got underway with a raft of new Wildlife Warrior Club members taking part in their first sessions. At our existing schools Ura Gate, Ololomei, and Embiti Steve and Millicent from Land & Life dropped by for a day of fun activities, watching videos and playing games all focused on water conservation. Everyone had a good time and came up with some great ideas on drought resilience and water conservation, relevant to their own locations.


In an exciting development, this month we added Kachiuru Primary to the Wildlife Warrior Club network. Although we have had an existing relationship with this school for some time in terms of school infrastructural support we had not yet conducted any  conservation activities.  So we are delighted to announce 21 new Wildlife Warrior Club members from Kachiuru! They very much enjoyed their session and we look forward to developing this relationship further.

In the run up to World Water Day on March 22nd, all the schools are competing in a nationwide writing competition where students will be coming up with essays covering water conservation approaches and related ideas. The essays will be collected in and marked by the Land & Life team and a special expert in the field, and the winners will be announced around World Water Day itself.