Dr. Claudia Mason is not your regular safari guest.  A gynaecologist by profession she has a speciality in cervical cancer screening. Her love for Africa, and specifically Kenya, is not just for wildlife but for community and people as well.  During her visit to Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp in July last year she combined her safari with philanthropy by visiting Aitong Health Centre – our supported health facility in the Mara North Conservancy.  This visit ignited a desire in her to do more and it has culminated in her volunteering to take part in our 8th free Aitong medical camp scheduled for 29th – 31st October.  During this period she will offer her medical services for free.  In addition, she has fully paid for 88 HPV self-test kits and gynecology supplies by gifting us with a cash donation of $1,966.  These kits will be given for free to 88 women who would like to get tested. Over and above this she has offered to bring and donate a portable colposcope machine to the Aitong Health Facility.  She is very keen to teach the staff how to use the machine.   

We caught up with Dr Mason and asked why she is doing all this. Her answer was as follows :  “My purpose in providing women’s healthcare and financially supporting the Aitong Medical Camp through the Land & Life Foundation comes as fulfilment of a philosophy of caring.  My connection to Aitong was formed during a trip in 2018 where I was allowed to visit the Clinic. While there, I asked what support I could provide. During prior camps, the need for cervical cancer screening had been identified. In the year that followed, I have been working with Land & Life Foundation and Dr. James Amenge of the University of Nairobi. In addition I see this venture has received financial support through the Sam and Connie Frankino Family Foundation and administrative support through Palm Beach County Medical Services.” 

She further continues “Cervical cancer claims too many lives whereas screening, and treatment is simple and life-giving. In world where barriers to care exist, I strive to build bridges between women and their caregivers. The breakthrough of providing self-collected HPV testing can assist women’s reluctance for pelvic examination for sample collection. This will reassure those without evidence of HPV infection, and allow those in need proper follow up care during the camp. In addition, HPV vaccination will serve as prevention for young women and girls.”

No amount of words can express how thrilled we are to have Dr. Mason on board this year and how truly amazing she is!  Watch this space for more news on how Dr. Mason and our team of doctors are transforming lives – one patient at a time in this year’s camp. 

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