On Sunday September 29, Georgios Georgiou and his friend Jim Higley ran the Berlin Marathon. They dedicated their effort, time and 26.2 miles to raise funds to build a kitchen for a very special school Georgios encountered during his stay with Elewana Collection in Tanzania earlier this year.

The school is in desperate need of a kitchen. The wooden shack which previously served as a “kitchen” has blown away by strong winds so the staff and students now prepare limited food in the open. The lack of a proper kitchen means the school cannot provide lunch for students and many children will either go without a meal all day, or leave school early to go home for lunch and not return.

Georgios and Jim have this to say : “We appreciate your donation. For that you’ll not only have our gratitude for helping these children – we’ll also raise a stein of beer in your honor at Octoberfest in Munich (a perk of running a race in Germany this time of year!)

The goal is to raise $5,000 from friends and family WHICH WILL BE MATCHED $ FOR $ by Gigi Season’s new philanthropic division, Gigi Cares: Projects for Humanity.

The Gigi Seasons  philanthropic division will support other causes around the globe – including more support for Ganako Primary School – with a portion of our profits year-round. 

To donate to Georgios and Jim’s amazing achievement, please click HERE and give anything you can. They ran 26 miles – we can give them a few dollars for that!