Over the years, Land & Life Foundation has been honored to work with many supporters from across the globe whose love for our youngsters and communities knows no bounds. Since October of 2019, Land & Life Foundation has been very fortunate and privileged to partner with Jim and Georgios at Gigi Seasons in delivering key community projects in both Kenya and Tanzania.  From October 2019 to February of this year, Gigi Seasons provided Land &  Life Foundation with over $20,000 which was used to build a new, modern kitchen for Ganako Primary School near Elewana The Manor, Ngorongoro, Tanzania.  The kitchen will serve over 500 children and has been fully equipped with institution size fuel-efficient stoves and cooking pots.  Part of the funds was also used to provide 40 new, durable, metallic desks for Kachiuru Primary School children near Shaba National Reserve, Kenya. This month, Gigi Seasons donated another very generous gift of $35,000 to the Land & Life Foundation!  These funds will go towards constructing a new classroom and plumbing works for Morijo Primary School, near Loisaba Conservancy as well as build a school administration block that will have offices and a staff room for Kachiuru Primary School.

No words can truly express how phenomenal Gigi Seasons is. The impact they have created and continue to create will be remembered for many generations to come.  We are very grateful for their thoughtfulness and generosity towards our communities.  It is supporters like them who make our work possible.

Reached for comment, Georgios Georgiou, the founder of Gigi Seasons said, “We have a vibrant passion for doing good,” He continues, “Ever since my visit to Elewana the Manor in 2019, I knew I wanted to be a small part of the transformational work being done by the Land & Life Foundation.

Gigi Seasons is a seasonal home decor and lifestyle brand retailer grounded in social good. Through their philanthropic arm, Gigi Cares: Projects for Humanity, they strive to provide others with the tools they need to live better lives!

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