Land & Life Launches Pamoja Fund

We are proud to launch the ‘Pamoja Fund’ to support our communities neighbouring Elewana Collection properties in Kenya and Tanzania who have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The word Pamoja means together in Swahili and draws upon Elewana’s philosophy of working in harmony with nature and communities. A lot has been put on hold but we choose to remain dedicated to our mission, working together with our conservation partners to support our communities and wildlife. We take comfort in knowing that with you by our side our communities and wildlife are not alone; we are not alone. When our communities thrive, wildlife will thrive!
Today as you shelter in place, wondering how you can get involved? Here are FIVE ways how:
Shanga is a creative social enterprise based in Arusha, Tanzania. It has employed 70 persons with disabilities who create unique, handmade high-quality jewelry, glassware and homeware incorporating recycled materials. Shanga products are sold in Tanzania and all over the world, with profits being reinvested back into the development of new products, recycling activities and further employment of people with disabilities. Show your support today.
  • $30 will provide one care package containing staple food items and sanitizing supplies for one Shanga employee and their family
  • Buy Shanga! Fancy handcrafted jewelry or homeware? View their catalogues here and place your order. Email your completed order form to [email protected] and they will deliver worldwide via DHL.
Support Crop Protection at Randilen Wildlife Management Area (RWMA)
Directly bordering the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania RWMA is a key dispersal area that offers a safe space for wildlife with more than 1,000 elephants using this migratory corridor. Randilen is a community owned and managed conservation area and the communities who live outside it comprising of mainly farmers are very committed conservationists. With income from tourism, Randilen has been running a crop protection program for the past 4 years that is critical to its survival. The funds equip the crop protection teams with toolkits that include flashlights, horns, chilli crackers and fireworks meant to scare off elephants before they raid crops, preventing dangerous conflict between humans and elephants. Before they had these toolkits, the communities were losing up to 70% of their crop to elephants and this lead to frequent retaliation whereby they would kill the elephants. With the COVID-19 crisis and no income from tourism, Randilen faces a deep financial and conservation crisis. Keep our wildlife safe and protect our communities crop and livelihood by making a donation today:
  • $15 will provide fuel for one day for patrol vehicles by rangers to help keep wildlife and communities safe.
  • $200 will purchase a toolkit for the crop protection team

Soup Kitchen at Elewana The Manor, Ngorongoro

During crisis it is the most vulnerable members of our communities who suffer the most. That is why Elewana The Manor in Ngorongoro recently committed to provide meals for children at Mwema orphanage and Dageno Girls Center. Mwema Street Children Centre is a rehabilitation centre for boys living in the streets and those facing challenges in their home environment. Mwema which means ‘good’ in Swahili, is currently housing 20 children. Dageno Girl’s Centre on the other hand provides entrepreneurial skills to about 100 girls. At present they have 25 orphaned girls who have no homes to go to. Dageno, which means ‘many girls’ in the local Iraqw language, like many similar institutions is sustained by proceeds from tourism but with the COVID-19 crisis, their future is uncertain. Lend a hand today:
  • $10 will provide two meals for one child for a week
  •  $50 provides two meals for five children for a week
Support Kenya Wildlife Trust’s COVID-response initiative
Formed in 2007 by leaders in Kenya’s safari industry – the Original Ker & Downey Safaris, Kenya Wildlife Trust is dedicated to three of Kenya’s most important ecosystems: Greater Mara, Samburu-Laikipia and Amboseli-Tsavo. We protect vulnerable predator populations, empower local communities and educate communities and stakeholders about conservation and environmental stewardship. KWT strongly believes that for predators to thrive, the communities who live in these fragile ecosystems, need improved access to healthcare and education services and enhanced livelihood opportunities. Most recently they have developed a COVID-19 response humanitarian initiative to create COVID awareness and prevention alongside educating the community about poaching and human-wildlife conflict mitigation efforts. The Pamoja Fund will partner on fundraising efforts, which also include providing food rations to 16 rangers in Kitirua Conservancy who are working hard to protect wildlife and communities. With a donation to the Pamoja Fund:
  • $5 will provide meals for a day for one ranger
  • $25 will provide a family of 10 with reusable masks and soap for handwashing

Support Aitong Health Centre

Land & Life Foundation and Aitong Health Centre have partnered for the past 9 years to provide medical supplies and equipment, free medical camps, and building the capacities of the Aitong staff through training addressing core priorities of healthcare in the Maasai Mara. Since our partnership started in 2012, we have treated over 5,400 people free of charge thanks to our highly acclaimed volunteers from top hospitals in Kenya and abroad.  Show your support to Aitong Health Centre today

  • $10 provides a reflector jacket for one health worker/ professional working at the frontline.
  • $25 buys one 100 litre water tank for hand-washing.
  • $50 provides one care package for a family of 10 people
  • $50 provides one Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to one medical staff.
  • $3,500 will give the facility a much-needed repairs for the health and safety of their staff and patients
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