Standing confidently at 5”9, he is very different from the shy, timid boy we met last year.  Apart from his demeanour, his physical appearance is also different, perhaps a testament to how one year of secondary school can positively impact a child.  His academic performance has also been good and his teachers are very proud of him. Meet Alex Lesisa – one of our WWP scholars from Ololomei Primary.

Like many of our youngsters, Alex comes from a humble background.  His parents have no formal education, therefore his elder brother Dan has taken on the responsibility of being his his guardian.  Dan is the one we go to whenever we need to reach Alex or discuss aspects of his scholarship or his future.

Alex with Alison, Manager of Elephant Pepper Camp, receiving his revision textbooks funded by donor Jenny Treasure

Without financial support, the only aspiration that Alex would have had would be herding his father’s cattle.  However, thanks to a lovely lady called Jenny Treasure, Alex’s dreams are now bigger – he aspires to complete tertiary education and be a role model to his younger siblings and the rest of his community.

Jenny visited Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp a while ago and wanted to get involved in our Wildlife Warrior Program.  She generously gave a donation while she was still at EPC to support one scholar from Ololomei Primary. After a rigorous selection process Alex was one of the two scholars chosen from the school and that is how her relationship with Alex began.  

Jenny has been and continues to be a real treasure, not only to Alex but to Land & Life Foundation.  To date she has supported him by paying his school fees for 2018; she has purchased 2 sets of uniform and provided funds for several revision books to support his learning.  Over and above this, Jenny has shown keen interest in Alex’s academic performance and general well being. She regularly asks how he is faring in school and at home, and has now become an important part of Alex’s life.  

We at Land & Life Foundation are eternally grateful to Jenny for her support and generosity. It is relationships like this one that can make a lasting difference in a child’s life, and we are delighted to be a part of this.