After a three year hiatus, Caroline the Land & Life Project Manager was delighted to attend the 7th annual free medical camp in Aitong.  She found a lot had changed in Aitong since her last visit. The town was bigger and busier, the population was larger and busier and to cap it all the Aitong Health Centre had really grown!  The facility now had a functioning maternity wing and a greater number of clinic staff attending to an average of 100 patients a day.

The Land & Life annual medical camps are three-day experiences that happen to benefit the local communities by providing free high quality medical care to the local population. They are a joint effort with our partners within the tourism and travel industry, and together the conservation and hospitality organisations provide the funding so we can arrange free medical services.  

These camps also offer rare opportunities to doctors who wish to offer lifesaving care to some of the most under-served communities in the country.  Doctors who have assisted in the past have reported the experience as having a huge impact on their personal and professional development. This year we were delighted to have on board a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic doctors from Oasis Health in Nairobi. All were eager to help – and help they did, consulting and treating a total of 865 patients!

Our medical camps offer an excellent opportunity to collect data about the status of the community.  The data we have collected over the years has enabled us to establish health trends, helping us refine and improve subsequent camps.  The result? We have succeeded in providing better and more specialised care to our communities.

We cannot reiterate enough that the success of our camps depends 100% on our donors and partners.  Their generosity and passion for giving back is what keeps these lifesaving camps afloat. For this we say a BIG thank you to Kicheche Community Trust, Kicheche Camps, Elephant Pepper Camp and the Elewana Collection, Safarilink, Oasis Health, Saruni Mara, and Mara North Conservancy