In the first week of January the Land & Life team split up and travelled across Kenya to visit schools participating in the flagship Wildlife Warrior Program. This exciting program brings conservation education to primary schools utilising a fun and engaging club membership system, and culminates in the awarding of scholarships for secondary education to the brightest young people in each Wildlife Warrior club.



This year saw the awarding of 8 new scholarships, four to boys and four to girls. The awards went to the children who not only performed well in the National Examinations but also scored very highly in our Wildlife Warrior examination, focused on conservation and wildlife topics directly relevant to their communities. These children will receive support throughout their secondary education in the form of 75% of their school fees paid, with some of them receiving additional support  to purchase uniform or supplies; all are brought together once a year to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to enjoy the Annual Retreat, the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the wonders of Lewa and learn in the company of other bright young conservationists. The Wildlife Warrior Program takes the brightest young students with an interest in and passion for conservation and wildlife and ensure they pass through school and are given every opportunity to succeed, bringing benefits to their families and communities and ensuring conservation has a voice at the table in future community discussions.



Participating schools this year were Ololomei Primary School (Elephant Pepper Camp), Esiteti Primary School (Tortilis Camp), Ura Gate Primary School (Elsa’s Kopje) and Kachiuru Primary School (Elsa’s Kopje). The scholars were awarded their official Wildlife Warrior t-shirts, and also each were given a large trunk in which to keep all their goods as they start their new life as boarders at secondary schools across the country.





If you would like to support the Wildlife Warriors and contribute towards these bright young students education, please do click here and donate, specifying the Wildlife Warrior Program as your preferred project.



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