ReGreening Kenya

The exciting and innovative Seedballs project continues with Seedball bags distributed to all our Wildlife Warrior Club members in Mwaroni (Diani), Kachiuru (Isiolo) and Ura Gate (Meru) Primary Schools.

Following their termly conservation education sessions, which this time focused on the theme of forests and reforestation, the children and their club patrons were each given a  bag of 225 seedballs to take home to throw, wait and grow around their homes and villages. Additionally the Land & Life team and the teachers and Club members took additional bags of seedballs and threw them all around their schools and surrounding area with much joy and excitement.

Everyone is excited to see what will happen in the next few years as the rains come and help the seeds to germinate and grow, regreening their homes and schools.

In a massive step forward for our project, the Elewana Collection is now stocking bags of seedballs in their Amboseli property Tortilis Camp. Now with the advice of the guides, guests can buy bags from the shop and take them out on game drives and walking safaris, giving a little back to Kenya and helping reforest Kitirua Conservancy the fun and interactive way!

Digital Literacy Program

Our Digital Literacy Training Program is proving to be a huge success. After the initial positive responses from Esiteti Primary we expanded the training to a further three of our Wildlife Warrior Schools this month. The team from Land & Life and Lewa Digital Training visited Kachiuru primary, Ura Gate Primary and Mwaroni Primary, ready to work with both students and teachers and get them happy and comfortable using their Government-supplied tablets in class.

The aim of the program was to train the teachers on best practices of integrating ICT with Education. As a school, Ura Gate received 32 tablets, 1 projector, 2 Teacher Digital Devices and 1 Content Access Point while Kachiuru Primary received 35 tablets, 1 projector, 2 Teacher Digital Devices and 1 Content Access Point from the government’s Digital Literacy Program.

The sessions were lively and interactive with Lewa Digital trainers Simon, Patrick and Ezekiel providing engaging and exciting material for the students and teachers to use. The teacher training was arguably some of the most effective, particularly in Ura Gate where in order to maximise our reach we invited representatives from a further seven local schools.

Ura Gate teacher training covered 23 teachers, 16 from Ura itself and 7 from surrounding schools Kiumbe, Mauthini, Riamikuu, Ntoroni, Shin Yhun, Irereni and Kamarenge.

All the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and reported themselves as feeling confident and competent, able to not only use the tablets as an IT session but also to incorporate digital practice in every aspect of their curriculum and teaching styles.