Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Land & Life Foundation (L&L) is very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Loisaba Community Trust (LCT), supporting our mutual efforts in conservation education outreach and initiatives. Together we hope to reach more children than ever before; to instill deeper and more comprehensive understanding of and love for the natural world than ever before; to lift and support the communities in which we work, giving people and wildlife the help they need to build themselves a better life; and to maximise the impact of the funds we raise, together, and make each dollar go further.


Loisaba Conservation Education Centre

Loisaba Community Trust is a leader in the conservation industry, known for the great success of their conservancy model and the strides they have taken in community support and involvement alongside science and wildlife protection and natural habitat preservation. They currently support the development of high quality education in the Loisaba area by working with 10 local primary and secondary schools. They have put in place an extensive bursary programme, provided infrastructural and resource developments for the school facilities and campuses, and introduced school visits for local children to the newly completed Loisaba Conservation Centre to help embed a love for the wild world in the hearts of the local youth. These visits are accompanied by game drives within the conservancy, and they also run adult literacy programs, school competitions and wildlife club activities in partnership with San Diego Zoo Global.

Paul (LCT Community Officer), Lori Denooyer and Caroline (Land & Life Project Manager in Loisaba Conservancy


This partnership is yet another example of our mutual commitment to improve and enrich the lives of people living alongside wildlife and ensure that they continue to receive tangible benefits from wildlife tourism. To kick off the new year, we will start by introducing Wildlife Warrior Clubs at Ewaso and Morijo Primary Schools; we will issue the children with membership cards and the Wildlife Warrior Pledge. We also plan to deliver the first ever WWP interactive club activity on ‘Animals and the world around us’ using our brand new resource pack.


Later on in the year, we will roll out the Wildlife Warrior Scholarship program whereby two bright youngsters attending Ewaso Primary will be awarded with a secondary school scholarship. We will fundraise for Ewaso and Morijo Primary School’s priority needs and give guests staying at Loisaba Tented Camp an opportunity to visit the schools and see how they too can get involved. Our plans for Ewaso dispensary will be to find ways to support essential capacity building through training for the clinic staff.

Ewaso Primary School (by Ami Vitale)

This strategic partnership will ensure that we harness the expertise and experience of both entities, creating a shared vision and giving us more power to reach our goals. This new venture will help grow the Wildlife Warrior Program, benefiting communities that we would otherwise not reach.

At Land & Life we are all thrilled about this new adventure. We believe that the ‘do-it-alone’ approach is not the best strategy for growth – our desire has always been to nurture as many conservation ambassadors as possible and what better way to do it that partner with LCT! Loisaba sees this as an exciting way to increase their footprint and make a greater impact, bringing additional benefits to their community and strengthening the existing extensive activity network. Both organisations hope that this partnership will open up new doors and a whole new world of opportunities. The community will benefit by having access to more resources, fundamental in the longevity and sustainability of any community projects.

So let’s toast to the New Year and to this new wonderful journey together!


Randilen WMA lies on the North Eastern boundary of Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and is home to a wide range of wildlife species, including of course elephant, big cat and hundreds of bird species. As an integral part of the Tarangire-Manyara elephant dispersal area and a vital area of dry season grazing for the ungulates, Randilen’s existence is vital to the conservation and preservation of Tarangire Eco-system and to elephant in particular. Land & Life is dedicated to working here with the support of Elewana’s Tarangire Treetops. 




The success of Randilen depends on the generation of income for the community, largely from tourism and visitor numbers. Honeyguide Foundation, the implementing partner in Randilen, have been working hard to upgrade facilities there. now Land & Life are delighted to announce the completion of the amazing visitor viewpoint at Kilimambuti entrance gate. on top of the hill at Randilen WMA Main Gate. The new visitor information boards are carefully positioned up the path to the viewing deck and around the edging of the platform set against the bachdrop of the sweeping vistas provided by the Randilen WMA. The boards fascinating insights into Randilen WMA, the communiy, the ecosystem, wildlife and the conservation programmes with in the RWMA.the and provide fascinating insights into the wildlife, community and geography of Randilen.



These information boards will, it is hoped, further add to the visitor experience at Randilen, and ensure more and more people come to see this beautiful area. With more visitors comes more income, and thus more security for the community and for the elephant and other wildlife who depend on them.


What would it take to drive away a 10-ton animal that is attacking a farmer’s hard earned harvest?  Well, Honeyguide Foundation – an organisation whose core mission is community-based conservation under the stewardship of Damian Bell have found an innovative and safe way of redirecting elephants off farmland especially during the busy harvesting seasons hence protecting the animals from deadly encounters with farmers.  This innovation comes in the form of a toolkit.

The kit comprises of an LED High Powered torch that acts as a visual irritant to the animals, fire horns that provide an auditory irritant, chili bomb comprising packets of chilli powder that burst on impact to provide mild physical irritant and roman candle fireworks that are auditory and visual irritants. The kits are provided to the village community human wildlife conflict teams and these teams are responsible for using the equipment on a day to day basis.

With a focus on northern Tanzania, Honeyguide operates in Community Wildlife Management Areas one of which is Randilen Wildlife Management Area (RWMA) located near Tarangire Treetops.

We – the Land & Life Foundation recently gave a donation of $4,900 to the Honeyguide Foundation. Our donation will go towards funding this Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation program at RWMA. You too can get involved in this noble conservation work.

If you want to know more about this or any other initiative undertaken by Land & Life Foundation, please feel free to contact our team