The Land & Life team set out to Ewaso Primary school to issue the first ever scholarship exams. The warm reception by the school head confirmed the eagerness to participate in the scholarship process. Our presence was well anticipated and the senior students peeped through the windows trying to catch a glimpse of us. The students had mixed reactions of anxiety and confidence as they did not know what to expect in the scripts held by one of us. We however assured them that the exam is manageable and they sat with more confidence in the exam room. Upon completion, they remarked at how manageable the exam actually was. The Land & Life team will mark the exams as we get ready for a journey of hope with Ewaso Primary School. We wish Ewaso Primary all the best even in the forthcoming national KCPE – Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

Other primary schools across Kenya also sat for their Wildlife Warrior exams – Kachiuru in Isiolo County, Ura Gate in Meru, Ololomei in Narok, Mwaroni in Diani and Esiteti in Amboseli. This year we will be awarding 12 Wildlife Warrior scholarships for the first time, as we now have six participating schools, and these scholars will join the existing 43 making their way through secondary education and into internships or tertiary education.