The PSLE is the Primary School Leaving Examination and it is a crucial aprt of a Tanzanian child’s education. This examination determines their future – whether they can continue schooling, where they will be admitted, whether they qualify for schoalrships or bursaries – or whether they fail, and do not return to school, never competing secondary education.

For us at Land 7 Life we really wanted to give our Wildlife Warriors at Ganako the extra edge. We believe that a meal and a set of new stationert willset up a child for an exam. A full belly, a freshly shaprened pencil,a nd a team of people who believe in you and are rooting for you, can make all the differenc eot your success.

On Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th September 2019 48 students had registered for the exam at Ganakp Primary School near Elewana The Manor Ngorongoro, in Karatu.  On the morning 47 were in attendance for the exams, with one unavoidable absentee due to illness.  All 47 children arrived at school half and hour earlier than usual and were given breakfast before their exams and a sustaining snack pack at midday. Each student was also provided with essential stationery – ruler, pencil, pen, eraser and sharpener. The school staff, headmistress, invigilators and a few assisting students from Standard VI also received breakfast and snacks.

This support was provided by the fantastic team from Elewana The Manor Ngorongoro – Magreth (Receptionist) stayed up late both nights making all the uji (sweet porridge) and mandazi (doughnuts) ; Dominic and Edgar (sous chefs) came to the school during their time off and served the kids breakfast and lunch on both days; Clay (Assistant GM) organised the event and attended both days, helping to serve and hand out stationery and giving the children words of encouragement. The whole event was funded by Elewana Collection guests, and now Land & Life have all our collective fingers and toes crossed for the outcome of the exams.

As an extra add on, Edgar has promised that he will personally purchase a full set of secondary school uniform for any child getting an A. And Shanga, our partner foundation in Arusha, are providing funding for one of the students, a hearing impaired boy who without this additional support will not be able to compelte secondary school due to the lack of special needs provision in Karatu.

All funded by L&L through donations from TMN guests.