As we countdown to the end of our Pamoja Fund silent auction, we would like to share with you a video from one of Land & Life’s valued friends and supporters.  In a small town called Aitong, Maasai Mara she has become a household name.  She is also not your regular safari guest.  Her name is Dr. Claudia Mason from Florida, USA.  She a gynecologist by profession with a specialty in cervical cancer.  Her love for Africa and specifically Kenya is not just for wildlife but for the people.  Over the years, she has combined her safari with philanthropy by visiting and supporting Aitong Health Centre, Land & Life’s supported facility in the Mara.  These visits have culminated in successful HPV self-testing and cervical cancer screening initiatives among women in Aitong and its environs, of which she has fully funded and volunteered her medical expertise.  Additionally, she has donated gynecology equipment and supplies to the facility.

Dr. Mason, like many of our friends, has become a tower of strength to our communities and she has done it once again by supporting Pamoja Fund!  Watch her video below as she explains why she has chosen to continue supporting the Land & Life Foundation.

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