Good news for Esiteti Primary School

Good news for Esiteti

Earlier this year we received a donation of $42,000 from the A.E Reimann Foundation to fund our projects and activities at Esiteti Primary School near Tortilis camp. Part of the funds will go to the construction of 2 classrooms in the school to cater for the growing number of children in the school.

We have already identified a contractor who will be taking the project. Recently, our project coordinator took him to the school for a site survey. The construction is scheduled to start in mid August and we cannot wait to share the images of the progress of the project.

Still on Esiteti, another donor has expressed interest in funding the construction of a boys’ dormitory. We are currently working on a final quote for the construction and are hoping that we will tie this project to the classrooms’ construction.

These projects once completed will greatly improve the standards of education at Esiteti and the neighbouring villages.

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