Human-Elephant Conflict Toolkit Donation

Every year sees Land & Life with Elewana Tarangire Treetops and our partners the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation make a donation to Randilen Wildlife Management Area for provision of special toolkits to the villages around Randilen.

This year’s donation has been made, and Hannah from Land & Life and Steve Auret, manager of Treetops, visited the Randilen WMA Headquarters to inspect the toolkits and officially hand them over the the Chairman of the WMA Management Committee and the rest of the team.

The toolkits provide protection for 23 Village Scout teams across 8 villages surrounding the RWMA.  Consisting of top of the range high powered solar charged LED flashlights, loud air horns, chilli bombs and as a last resort roman candles, the toolkits have proved hugely effective as a deterrent to elephant crop raids. Over the last three years that Land & Life and GTAEF have been providing support to Honeyguide Foundation, the implementing partner, the number of raids has dropped dramatically and more and more villages are requesting to come on board with the scheme.