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Wildlife Warrior School Updates


Esiteti Primary in Amboseli – The boys dormitory construction is on course and almost 80% complete. We hope to have our first ever group of boys boarding at the school at the beginning of term 2 2019!   The school’s shamba project is also doing well. They have purchased cabbage and kale seedlings and now the new school year has begun, planting is set to commence. A new water tank is being delivered to supply water to the shamba and ease pressure on the main school water supply. 


Embiti Primary in the Maasai Mara – The huge new concrete water tank is basically complete, giving the children onsite access to clean drinking water for the first time . Funds to construct a new classroom are arriving in the bank in the next couple of weeks and construction will begin in the second quarter of the year – Land & Life is in discussions with a number of contractors to ensure the best job possible for the school. The school received donations of maths sets and crayons to the delight of the youngest children.

Ololomei Primary in Mara North is excited about the new kitchen project which is finally starting to take shape.  We have raised funds and are entering into discussions with a number of contractors with a view to starting excavations as soon as we can once we have found the right group for the job.  Ololomei has also been the recipient of the Giving Tuesday Donations collected by the staff of Elewana and Cheli & Peacock in November 2018 – toys and books for preschool and primary students were collected and are to be delivered to the school for student use.

Ura Gate Primary in Meru is looking forward to the first project of this new year, in which the administration block will soon be powered. We are installing a solar system that will enable the teachers to catch up with marking, prepare lesson plans  and complete administrative tasks should they wish to work after office hours. The reliable power source will also ensure that the photocopier and computers which have been donated to the school by guests and Land & Life  can be put into good use.

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