In Tanzania, students from Ganako Primary Wildlife Warrior Club had taken part in an essay competition, writing on “My career in conservation”  The eight top essays were selected by the Head Office Land & Life team, and the students along with their teacher were collected by a driver and brought up to the Manor Ngorongoro




Once on site at the lodge, General Manager Jani Scheffer her team made a special effort to give them a wonderful afternoon. They walked the grounds, met the horses, saw the fields and the vegetables, and finally were settled down for a fancy afternoon tea with cake and lovely treats prepared by Chef Benjamin. The students ha da  lovely time, and so did the staff, who really enjoyed watching the chi0dlren’s faces as they stroked the nose of the horse and tucked into cakes and pastries.


We are doubly proud top report this because it is a great way to start a New Year – the first Wildlife Warrior Club visit to the Manor and we are sure the beginning of a regular event. Thanks go out to the Manor who did such a great job and of course as ever to our sponsors and donors, whose support of Ganako via Land & Life has made these things possible.




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