Randilen WMA lies on the North Eastern boundary of Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and is home to a wide range of wildlife species, including of course elephant, big cat and hundreds of bird species. As an integral part of the Tarangire-Manyara elephant dispersal area and a vital area of dry season grazing for the ungulates, Randilen’s existence is vital to the conservation and preservation of Tarangire Eco-system and to elephant in particular. Land & Life is dedicated to working here with the support of Elewana’s Tarangire Treetops. 




The success of Randilen depends on the generation of income for the community, largely from tourism and visitor numbers. Honeyguide Foundation, the implementing partner in Randilen, have been working hard to upgrade facilities there. now Land & Life are delighted to announce the completion of the amazing visitor viewpoint at Kilimambuti entrance gate. on top of the hill at Randilen WMA Main Gate. The new visitor information boards are carefully positioned up the path to the viewing deck and around the edging of the platform set against the bachdrop of the sweeping vistas provided by the Randilen WMA. The boards fascinating insights into Randilen WMA, the communiy, the ecosystem, wildlife and the conservation programmes with in the RWMA.the and provide fascinating insights into the wildlife, community and geography of Randilen.



These information boards will, it is hoped, further add to the visitor experience at Randilen, and ensure more and more people come to see this beautiful area. With more visitors comes more income, and thus more security for the community and for the elephant and other wildlife who depend on them.